XXXTentacion has built his career through a loyal fanbase and controversy as well. While his song “Look At Me” really took off while he was in jail, shortly after his release he was making headlines for stating his opinion, sometimes not in the best way possible. While since then, he has been dropping some dope music and recently announced that his album 17 was going to drop at the end of this week. A few days a go, he released a very grim cover art to an equally grim looking tracklist. Today, he took to Instagram to post a very disturbing video.

In a clip on Instagram, XXXTentacion seems to hang himself off of a tree. While we can not confirm whether this is actually a real video of him legitimately hanging himself but it’s definitely disturbing. Suicide is definitely not a joke and to see someone hang themselves off of a tree on Instagram is pretty sick. The video held no caption and lasts only a few seconds. The video starts begins with only his forehead surrounded by the trees before the phone drops and a glimpse of XXXTentacion is seen hanging from the tree.

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Many of the comments on the video alone are questioning whether it’s real or not. This could definitely be a publicity stunt on XXXTentacion’s end. His album had some very disturbing images, one that depicted someone’s handwriting saying “There is no end to the pain. You must be numb” with a drawing of a noose hanging under it. So there’s a very high chance that the Broward County rapper is using this as some sort of publicity stunt to promote his forthcoming 17.

Who knows where this video might lead to but he’s definitely going to have some sort of explaining to do at some point. While his music emphasizes on teenage angst, this may be taking it a little too far.

Suicide is definitely not a joke or something that should be used in a way to promote an upcoming album, especially when young kids are looking up to your every move.

Check out the clip below at your own discretion:


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