Talib Kweli drops “She’s My Hero” in dedication to Bresha Meadows.

In the description in the song’s Soundcloud page, Kweli writes “What struck me about this case was Bresha’s age. I express myself lyrically, so a lyric popped in my head while thinking about it – ‘Do you kill yourself or kill the monster thats making you suicidal, decisions to heavy for the mind of a child.'”

Over the production of Oh No, breaks down the song in two parts essentially. The first verse gives a pretty detailed depiction of Bresha’s scenario where as the second verse addresses the system at large. It’s a powerful song that was inspired from his perspective as a father. In the description box of the song he also says “The first thing that struck me about Bresha was how much she physically reminded me of my own daughter. I had a similar experience when George Zimmerman killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin, who reminded me of my son. I instantly felt drawn to these children and I felt compelled to dive deeper into their lives.”

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Talib Kweli maintains his position as one of the best emcee’s alive and his ability to hone other people’s perspectives and put it in a verse. “She’s My Hero” is a prime example of him using his platform to continuously bring awareness to social issues.

DOWNLOAD Talib Kweli – She’s My Hero

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