DOWNLOAD MP4 VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather Scores TKO Victory in Fight Against Conor McGregor

Watch Floyd Mayweather Scores TKO Victory in Fight Against Conor McGregor

After months of deliberating contract paperwork between CBS, Al Haymon (The Money Team), and owners of the UFC, the fight was finally agreed upon for August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. What ESPN and Fox Sports 1 didn’t acknowledge through preparations, was Conor having a clear-cut advantage of studying the history of Money Mayweather. Floyd had no legit video to study on his opponent, which was the only reason we were intrigued for the bout.

In the early stages of the fight, Conor landed major hits in the first six rounds – and actually did a better job than Manny Pacquiao. However, fatigue caught in during the 7th round, as McGregor was visibly gassed, leaving an opening for the best boxer in the world to defeat one of the best mixed martial artists at the moment. During the 10th-round, the 40-year-old Mayweather scored a TKO victory over Conor, as McGregor refused to keep his hands up and protect his face.

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The referee stopped the match, as Conor wanted it to keep going after sharing his side in a post-fight interview. McGregor would’ve suffered serious damage if it wasn’t stopped, so it was best for his safety and the brand of UFC to not look embarrassed. Mayweather closed out the night saying this was his final fight ever, going 50-0 to surpass Rock Marciano for the greatest record ever in boxing. However, he did praise Conor citing he had the right dance partner for his last bout.

There were no real losers tonight, as Mayweather leaves Las Vegas tonight with $300 million, McGregor walks out with $100 million and the fans got a great top-to-bottom card. We have to commend Conor and UFC for having balls to step in the squared circle, and actually surprising Floyd with counter-strikes. This was strategy from Floyd to not waste all of his energy in the early rounds, like he’s done all other 49 times prior to tonight. Take a look at technical knockout below.

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