Devvon Terrell drops his new release which he calls 6 O’Clock.

The rapper Devvon Terrell who rose to popularity by uploading videotaped renditions of Billboard hits to YouTube, branding himself as “The Living Weirdo.” releases a song of his own called 6 O’Clock.

Give it a listen below.

Watch the Video

Read Devvon Terrell – 6 O’Clock Lyrics Below.

[Devvon Terrell]
You’re young and suffering from being so impatient
It’s like the older I get, my chances of winning faded
Watching everyone around me finally take their places
You can’t be a doctor my nigga if you ain’t got the patience
This is my life and I don’t know where to take it
I used to wish that where I go, all the women was naked
But now that I’m older know that I finally noticed
Age taught me how to spot a wolf sitting in sheep’s clothing
Some nights were just darker then it ever was
I can’t see my hand in front of my face
Who to trust
‘Member when all these people around us didn’t fuck with us
Ryan told me be myself and watch how they come to us
So I’m waiting here
Cause I say the light
I can see the dark
It can be hard to see in your neighborhood or any block
Life is like a switch it goes on and off and it never stops
I understand why momma wanted me inside

TRENDING:  Saba - There You Go

[Devvon Terrell: Hook] (X2)
6 O’Clock
6 O’Clock
6 O’Clock
When those lights come on, you’re on your own
It’s dark outside

[Some Girl: Outro] (Lol) (x2)
It’s time to come home
Are you lost now
When the sun goes down
Not a sound

[Devvon Terrell]
6 O’Clock
6 O’Clock

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